The NFL WILL return to St. Louis

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

“Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.” Jim Mora

This is a formal, upfront warning to those who read this article. In wrestling or “Sports Entertainment” terminology, this does not work; it’s a shoot. This is how I genuinely feel about the NFL in STL, so let's begin.

I’m hurt, angry, disappointed, dismayed, jaded, apathetic these are just some of the words I’d use to describe my feelings towards the NFL. I don’t hate the player. I'm not too fond of the game. The game played on fans gave their hearts and souls for their favorite St. Louis football team.

It’s funny to think of the NFL in St. Louis saga that has gone from no team, to the Cardinals, to no team, to a possible expansion team, WHOOPS, actually not, HERE COME THE RAMS!!!! Only to get the fans' pockets picked by the NFL once again in an effort for ever-increasing profit margins. How many other markets have had these many opportunities at football, loved it, lived it, supported it, then had it ripped away without cause by the fans or ability to make money within their current market?

Let's cut the B.S., and let’s get down to it, shall we? This entire charade was orchestrated for your viewing pleasure by the NFL and their money-making scheming and St. Louis politicians posturing for reelection.

I’ll explain why.

In 1988 when the Big Red left for the desolate desert of Arizona, the NFL wanted nothing to do with allowing the football Cardinals to move to the land of the sun. The NFL wanted owner William “Bill” Bidwell to move the franchise to Baltimore in which the NFL felt was a better area to “Relocate.”  Arizona, on the other hand, was seen within the NFL as a bastion for NFL expansion. In other words, it was better for the NFL financially.