#MLS4TheLou Press Kit

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#MLS4TheLou Fact Sheet

Ownership Group

 Led by Carolyn Kindle Betz and six other female, multi-generational members of the Taylor family, a new St. Louis MLS team would be the first female majority owned club in the league’s history and one of the few in all professional sports

 100-percent St. Louis-based ownership group consisting of the Taylor and Kavanaugh families, including:

o Carolyn Kindle Betz

o Andy Taylor

o Jim Kavanaugh

o Jo Ann Taylor Kindle

o Christine B. Taylor

o Alison Kindle Hogan

o Kelly C Taylor

o Patricia A Taylor

o Barbara Taylor

 The ownership group is using the slogan #MLS4THELOU

Commitment to St. Louis

 The 100-percent St. Louis-based, majority female-led ownership group has deep ties to the St. Louis community in business and philanthropy

 The Taylor family’s long-standing commitment to the revitalization of St. Louis is proven through the number of philanthropic and infrastructure initiatives the family is actively involved and personally invested in throughout the region

 As part of the ownership group’s commitment to be an exceptional club and neighbor, they will maintain open lines of communication with key civic, community and business leaders to help build a more equitable and vibrant St. Louis

Overwhelming Privately Funded

 The ownership group’s proposal is overwhelmingly privately financed and the ownership group has no intention of requesting citywide tax revenues or tax increment financing (TIF)

 Both city and state officials are involved in the discussions which could include incentives such as abatement of the city amusement tax or “user taxes” that allows for the collection of some tax revenue from only those who attend events

 Overall, this proposal will request significantly less from the city and, based upon current information, will allow the city to receive new revenue

 The financing package relies on certain tax credits from the state, which we are currently discussing

 This proposal is structured differently in several ways:

o This is a different ownership group that is 100% St