Nationals have swarmed over the Cardinals in the NLCS with a two game lead.

St. Louis Cardinals starters Miles Mikolas and Adam Wainwright in the NLCS games one and two, respectively.

The St. Louis Cardinals have accomplished three goals, thus far, they wanted to realize and their fans expected to see from their team this season:

1 - Cardinals clinched a postseason berth in game 156 of the season for a sweep over the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

2 - Cardinals overcame the Milwaukee Brewers to secure first place in the NL Central Division in game 162 at Busch Stadium. A 9-0 shutout orchestrated by starter Jack Flaherty, who gave the Cardinals seven, two-hit, scoreless innings. With Cardinals nine runs coming in the first four innings.

3 - Cardinals fought hard battles in all five-games to overcome a strong NL East Atlanta Braves team to win the 2019 NLDS Title at SunTrust Park. An added plus was their a 10-run first inning of game five for a MLB record, routing the Braves 13-1.

Awesome accomplishments, in my opinion, very much so. And for many doubters, those goals met shut them down for awhile. But, their grumbling has resurfaced now that the Cardinals are in the NLCS and two games back to the Nationals.

Interestingly enough, Cardinals and days-off did not fare so well during the regular season. With 19 off-days, Cardinals were 5-14 in their next day games. In postseason, they are 1-1, thus far.


Now, their current goal #4 seems to be elusive for the Cardinals in the NLCS against the Nationals. Even with Cardinals home field advantage at Busch Stadium.

The Nationals are playing havoc over the Cardinals holding a two-game lead. Today is a day off as they traveled to Washington DC last night. Today an 'off-day' and the series continues on Tuesday with game three.

In the first two games, we have seen four starters turn in excellent stands. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, it was the Nationals who put up five runs in the combined two games vs Cardinals "one".

I feel in this series thus far, pitching duels have been extraordinary. I am one who respects outstanding pitching. And even though against the Cardinals, such work has to be recognized.

Game One: Cardinals Miles Mikolas - 6 IP/1 ER/7 SO for the groundball specialist and maintaining his postseason 1.50 ERA. He faced Nationals Anibal Sanchez, 7.2 IP/1 BB/5 SO who turned in a great outing and his second such outing in his career. I will touch on that, in a moment, * as history was repeated.

Sanchez's soft touch delivery with a "butterfly motion" (per Rick Horton, FSMW) held the Cardinals totally in check.

In the seventh, Cardinals manager Mike Shildt made a triple switch. First up Giovanny Gallegos who made a great grab for his first out on Trea Turner's line-drive, Adam Eaton tripled, and IBB issued to Anthony Rendon. LHP