St. Louis has the goods. NFL, it's time to pay!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We all know how dirty the NFL's business practices can be at this point. The league has shown it a penchant for making billions while stepping on the necks of the fans they so-called refer to as "Family." Not so long ago, the NFL and its owners gave a damn about its fans and did their best to tailor a product to those fans.

Anyone from St. Louis as of late knows without a doubt how deep the rabbit hole goes. Through countless leaked documents of depositions from owners, league executives, league officials, and so on have turned on a dime stating under oath that they knowingly violated league policy on relocations with Jerry Jones himself admitting that he hasn't read the relocation policy. While at the same time, Roger "The Dodger" Goodell, NFL Commissioner, stated that the relocation policy is indeed a rule book to be followed.

As you can see, the NFL owners decided to do what they wanted, damn the rules. This document is just a tiny snippet of some of the evidence that has been presented to the court. The NFL blatantly and knowingly violated their own rules to get the Rams out of St. Louis, to the luscious, cash-laden pastures of L.A. The NFL has tried to cover up this fact. The large media companies refuse to report on it with the analogy of don't bite the hand that feeds you. This lawsuit has become much more significant than anyone had ever anticipated. (not this guy).

I knew from day one in January 2016 when this vote went down, and it reeked of corruption. I was one of a few people following this case with zeal because I knew what the NFL did in St. Louis was egregious and flat-out fraud. We are beginning to find out that it was much more than just fraud. It is outright corruption and collusion between Stan Kroenke, Kevin Demoff, Rodger Goodell, Eric Grubman, Jerry Jones, Clark Hunt, and several others within the league to poison the well in St. Louis in the hopes that fans would turn their backs on the team. It was a concentrated effort of these individuals over the years, and in the case of Stan Kroenke since as early as 2010 to move the team back to L.A. without giving St. Louis a shot at retaining the team.

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