STL VS. NFL: Court Documents Leaked! XFL or USFL? Which is Better for St. Louis?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

So now we have more insight into what has gone on behind closed courtroom doors, that is, before the case document was sealed soon after being leaked in the STL vs. NFL lawsuit that is still ongoing in a St. Louis courtroom. The NFL has done their damnedest to keep Joe Public from obtaining these documents and seeing what lengths the NFL had gone to help the Rams escape St. Louis.

Yours truly has obtained and thoroughly gone through these documents, and I will say that a great deal has been left out. The evidence received was mostly pro-NFL and pro-Rams propaganda that was an attempt to solidify their case against the St. Louis law team seeking potential damages upwards of $500 million to $1 billion.

As you read through these documents and have a basic understanding of the circumstances surrounding this case, then as you pour over these files, please note that you have to follow the timeline on what was done and how to piece together the puzzle. I have placed all files related to the case in this article below.

All of my digging for evidence, clues, anything related to the facts in this case has been trying at times. The road to this point couldn't be littered with more obstacles. The NFL doesn't want this out in the public eye, and they do not want the stain of their past and current discretions to shine a light on their devious attempts to continue to screw fan bases whenever applicable.

Thirty-plus years of following the NFL, first understanding the game, how it works, then realizing how the NFL's business works. It's a filthy game that is played, and frankly, I am not one to stomach it. Any of those who have read my stories know what side I am on. For too many years, fans have been taken full advantage of by the NFL and their bad business practices catering to the millionaires and billionaires that seemingly have all the say in every matter of how the NFL operates. At least, that's how it seems.

After a thorough investigation, it is clear that from at least 2012 and more than likely much earlier, Enos Stanley Kroenke, Rams officials, certain NFL executives and a portion of NFL owners were privy to, if not part of, the scheme to get the Rams out of St. Louis and back in LA. Click the link and read my story for details.

The question is, will the courts have the wear-with-all to weather the storm and hold the NFL accountable for their nefarious deeds to pull a second franchise out of the St. Louis market?

Somehow, I am doubtful because, as the title of my second story suggests, money is truly everything for the NFL. Will this come down to a settlement? Possibly. Will St. Louis receive a team as recompense for the NF