The Cardinals recent woes. Cause for concern? Yes. Cause for despair? No.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

St Louis fans via Dillip Vishwanat

As of this writing (6/18/21), the St Louis Cardinals are 4 games behind the Cubs in 4th place.

The Cardinals spent most of May in 1st place (May 3rd-30th). Even though there they have yet to see the Entire 5 man rotation in action except for ONE 5 day span, although so far this season, we have had 16 players land on the 10-day IL. Four of them TWICE! Also, three of the 16 are now on the 60-day IL.

Here is a list

  • Harrison Bader April 1- April 30, May 25-?(30 days 1st time)(26 days and counting 2nd time)

  • Kwang Hyun Kim April 1- April 17, June 5- June 10 (21 days)

  • Miles Mikolas April 1- May 22, May 23- May 29-placed on 60 days IL (52 days first time) (21+days and counting the second time)

  • Tyler O'Neill April 11- April 23, May 18-27(21 days)

  • John Nogowski April 23- May 18(26 days)

  • Yadier Molina April 27-May 8(12 days)

  • Adam Wainwright, April 29-May 3, was on the Covid-19 IL (5 days)

  • Daniel Ponce de Leone April 30-May 18 (20 days)

  • Andrew Miller April 30-June 3(35 days)

  • Jordan Hicks May 4-May 14- placed on 60 days IL (46 days and counting)

  • Carlos Martinez May 11- May 22(12 days)

  • Paul DeJong May-14- June 11(29 days)

  • Max Morroff May 29-out for the season currently on 60-day IL

  • Kodi Whitley May 30-?(21 days and counting)

  • Jack Flaherty June 1-?(19 days and counting)

  • Justin Williams June 5-June 18(19 days)

Kang Hyun Kim via APweb