The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: How St. Louis Lost, Won, and suffered from the NFL ’89-’94

Updated: Sep 27, 2021


Where do you want to start?

Where do you end?

It just seems that for the great people of St. Louis, it never began or ended. So let's start at the beginning, of the end (the first time).

1988, William "Bill" Bidwill wants out of St. Louis, the town he's called home since 1960, filing for relocation with the league. On Mar. 15, 1988, the NFL voted to allow the St. Louis Cardinals to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona, putting the final coffin nail in the franchise's 28-year history in St. Louis. The vote was 26-2, with the now Los Angeles Raiders and Miami Dolphins abstaining.

Both Al Davis and Joe Robbie were against the measure for their reasons.

Davis was still engulfed in a legal battle with the NFL over his ill-advised move into the greater Los Angeles area. Due to the aforementioned legal issues with the league, Davis decided it was best to abstain from the vote, but he wasn't all too thrilled about the matter.

Source: New York Times

 “It’s all a sham. They vote any way they want and allow anyone they want to move.” Al Davis

Joe Robbie was good friends with Joe Foss, former American Football League commissioner who represented a Phoenix group that spent $2 million in a failed attempt to bring an expansion team to Phoenix.

The NFL as a group wasn't enthralled about the idea of letting the Cardinals move to Phoenix