Wild Card preview LA Dodgers vs St Louis Cardinals. What should we expect.

Well, as the 2021 regular season comes to a close, our attention must turn to the playoffs. We have a one-game Wild Card play-in. The Cardinals opponent will be the 106-56 Los Angeles Dodgers IN Los Angeles. The two teams will lock horns on Wednesday, October 6, at 7:10 PM CST.

The game will feature two veteran pitchers for the Dodgers.

Max Scherzer via buzztalker

Max Scherzer 30 games, 15-4, 179 1/3IP, 2.46ERA, 2.97FIP 0.864WHIP, 236 strike outs. 1 complete game.

For the Dodgers 10 games, 7-0, 68 1/3IP, 1.98ERA, 1.96FIP, 0.820WHIP, 89 Strikeouts.

Max is from the St Louis Area and was once thought to want to pitch in St Louis. With the Dodger rotation now minus Trevor Bauer and Clayton Kershaw. The Dodger rotation is losing bullets. The good news for them is this game. They don't need a rotation, just their Ace.

In September, Mad Max has been more human 6 games 39 1/3IP, 2.29ERA, but a ridiculous 1.95FIP and a 0.814WHIP. Career wise vs St Louis 13 games, 84IP, 4-6, 2.76ERA, 1.028WHIP. This season 2 games 2-0, 0.00ERA, 0.768WHIP.

The Cardinals will counter with Adam Wainwright.

Adam Wainwright via Ron Vesley- getty images.

This year for Wainwright has been a resurgence. 32 Games, 17-7 206 1/3IP, 3.05ERA, 3.66FIP, 1.057WHIP, 168 strikeouts 3 complete games.

Vs. the dodgers

17 games(14 starts), 98IP, 7-5, 2.66ERA, 1.153WHIP

In his last 6 games, Wainwright is 4-0 36IP, 3.44ERA, 4.17FIP.

Wainwright has been a workhorse, a warrior, the driving force of the rotation.

This game could come down to which team gets to which pitcher early (or at all). One thing is for sure this is a classic pitching match-up that should be fun to watch for ANY baseball fan.

Now, if it comes down to the bullpen, it could be interesting. The Dodger bullpen has several arms that have put up outstanding numbers.