The NFL Cartel: Money Never Sleeps

Updated: Oct 5, 2021


It never ceases to amaze me how much love there is for the Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona/Phoenix Cardinals or Big Red around the world. I was in Hawaii on the big island in November 2018, and I was walking the beach in my 1983 Neil Lomax away jersey. I had countless people ask me about it.


Where did I find it?

Are there any more like it?

People all over tell me when they see a jersey or piece of memorabilia that it's a shame they still aren't in St. Louis or that they shouldn't have left. That being said, we cannot change the past, and all we can do is move forward.

Bill Bidwill is not innocent by any means but, he wasn't the sole benefactor of the Cardinals' move to Arizona. He was the VERY FIRST owner in the NFL to EVER ask for public funds for a stadium, so if you want to blame anyone for starting it, blame Bidwill.

After decades of losing and a sub-par product being trotted out onto the field year after year except for the mid-'70's, why in the blue blazes would St. Louis put up millions for an owner that was penny-pinching players after taking over from Stormy Bidwill in '72?

Mr. Bill Bidwill is known as a notoriously cheap owner. He was also a very anxious man that was very uncomfortable around players, fans, and the media. It is not a very good combination in an NFL owner. Funny enough, that is the same person Stan Kroenke was as an owner in St. Louis or was that the plan? The point is Bidwill wanted St. Louis to pay for a stadium when it was clear to the city, fans, and to be honest, anyone with a brain knew he had no intention of fielding a competitive team based on the money he wasn't willing to spend.

Enter Phoenix